One Day ZOOM Class

Lisa Bebi

Date: September 9, 2021

Time: 1:30 - 4:00 p.m. PDT

Lisa Bebi is a contemporary visual fine artist who works predominantly with paint, papers and mixed media with a strong inclination toward creating personal works and color. Her award winning artwork has been featured widely in magazines, galleries and is held in private collections all over the globe. Her work has been shown in solo and group shows nationally. Lisa Bebi received her B.A. in fine art from San Diego State University in 1977. Later studied art at the College of Art in London.

Expressive Portraits

Using a black and white photocopy as a base, you will learn how to create a rich, expressive portrait that shows off character.  The emphasis is on less traditional ideas about portraiture and more about what makes them compelling.

You may use your own images or select from one of my collection.


Learn what colors work best together, how to create expressive brushstrokes and how to let go of traditional color ideas. So what if you give a child has one red eye and one deep blue.  What if he has 6 fingers? Whose counting? Answer: Someone who is looking at your painting longer than looking a someone else's in a gallery - that's who. I believe these things heighten the interest in the portrayed person increasing an idea that the subject has depth of character; highlighting, perhaps, an intense and serious subject, rather than just a likeness.  


You will also learn to adhere the finished painted paper piece on to a canvas substrate and varnish it to make it UV protected, ready to hang or give as a gift.

Supplies Needed for Class

A couple of vintage images (can choose their own or choose from my collection) made into a black and white photocopy using inkjet on regular copy paper.

1 ink (water soluble not acrylic) in light yellow

Acrylic paints, include burnt sienna, white

Brushes: a variety of sizes including on broad, flat brush for varnishing and a detail brush

wax paper, or other, to protect your table

8" x 10" canvas or other substrate

Scissors, ruler, pencil

Matte medium

GOLDEN Varnish with UVLS protection

Credit card or color shaper 1" for burnishing on paper to canvas


Expressive Portraits


Lisa Bebi