In this workshop you will:

  • learn the basics of iron soldering
  • create your own triangle bezel
  • learn about patina and care
  • create a round crystal charm

The Collector

I am a collector.

I collect leftover threads,

tiny bits of colorful paper,

and broken twigs.

Of fallen feathers,

discarded treasures,


and heart-shaped rocks.

Of rusty metal,

crochet scraps,

lovingly worn buttons,

and words that fly out and fill the air.

and holding hands.

and belly laughs

and sisterhood

and hugs.

I am a collector

of anything that catches my eye

and captures my heart.

Supplies Needed for the Class

$25 to be paid to the teacher

(plus $5.00 for shipping)

Kit includes : KS #252 brass sheet .016, KS #8230 ¼ x .016 brass strip, Raw Brass wings, KS #8143 5/8” X .014 metal pipe, 2mm leather cord, 10 x14 mm crystal rondelle bead, and solder-tinned covered jump rings(created from 18gauge solder tinned wire).

*If you do not get the kit be sure to get the items in the kit for the class. I have included the description of each item so that you can find the materials. The metal can also be found in Ace Hardware in the K&S display. Copper sheet will work as well.

Additional materials needed:

Assorted bits and treasures (You will need disposable treasures that we can incorporate into our monoprints like leaves, crochet pieces, string, ...anything thin and with texture. You will also need treasures to place inside your bezel like seed beads, tiny objects)

  • Metal sheers
  • 100 watt soldering iron
  • Heavy duty stand for iron
  • moist sponge
  • Safety glasses
  • Gel Flux
  • Sal Ammoniac Block
  • Old cookie sheet
  • Heat board or Solderite board or tile
  • wood handle tweezers
  • Gel flux cup and brush
  • Lead free Solder( I use Amerway)
  • Novacan Patina
  • Baking soda
  • dish soap and old toothbrush
  • Ultra fine steel wool
  • Files or emery boards
  • needle and thread
  • Aleen's Tacky Glue


For Soldering supplies go to

The Collector


Cat Kerr

The Collector